Vertical Harp

Variation on a classic theme

Most potters use harps in one way or another - cutting off, mini slab making and trimming. Similarly most potters use a wire - to cut off and to wedge or mix.

I was taught the standard way of wedging with a wire for mixing and de-airing, but I soon got tired of alternately picking up wire, cutting, putting down wire, picking first half, slamming, picking second half and slamming again. I seemed to be spending most of the time looking for what to pick up next!

It isn't a new idea to mount a harp, but we have found it very useful for clay mixing (especially on reclaim) and for speedy wedging. We would like to show you how we make our harp and use it. Ours is just made from odd bits of wood and wire that happened to be available in the workshop. The dimensions aren't critical - nor are the materials.

When you have made yours don't forget to let us know what you think of it.