Slab roller users

Some examples of work from our users

James Ort (Phoenix studios)

James runs courses from Phoenix studios in Oxfordshire. He uses our slab rollers all the time and says "They're really good. Worth every penny. They're the best I have come across!".

Vi Ceramics from Paris

I got this beautiful GYOTAKU fish from from Vincent Levy (Vi Ceramics) in Paris. He has been using his slab roller for some time. He recently wrote to me "I've bought a slab roller from you three years ago and it's a daily pleasure".

Kirsty from Scotland (Little hands ceramics) wrote to say:"It's great only having one thing to adjust, so many slab rollers I've seen have a turning screw on each side so you have to turn both of those to adjust it each time. That's not needed with this slab roller. Using this slab roller has taken the strenuous job of rolling out clay and turned it into a quick and easy job, which I no longer dread!

All in all, I would definitely recommend this slab roller; it's well made, good value for money and easy to use. Thanks!"

Tinne Andersen from Denmark

said: "It's working really fine now and I'm happy about it."
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